Avoiding Postpartum Adrenal Burnout

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My reason for creating this class was to provide new moms with some herbal resources that can help them rise to the many challenges and stressors of motherhood. In reality, though the class is designed for the sensitive body of postpartum mothers, it can be utilized by mothers of all ages and stages.

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In my professional and personal experience, the cascade of changes that happen when a woman becomes a mother, if not well supported, can lead her barreling towards adrenal burnout. I would argue to some extent, that maternal burnout is a reality and not something that can be entirely avoided. That said, if we support properly and course correct early enough we can avoid the pitfalls of full adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. The effects of which often last for many years.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue for a young mother may look like: sleep disturbances, dizziness when standing up, afternoon exhaustion, generalized fatigue, anxiety, depression, morning grogginess, mental fog, sugar/salt cravings, poor short term memory, hypoglycemia and more.

When the adrenal cortex is overburdened you essentially end up with an endocrine system dysregulation. The body has been stressed for too long without sufficient recovery and it needs to somehow reset while concurrently continuing to push hard (we all know kids don’t stop needing us). An appropriate mixture of adaptogenic herbs will come to your rescue in this crisis. Avoiding this crisis is the real goal, and the goal of my postpartum herbs class.

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To avoid adrenal burnout, a postpartum mother benefits from both general and acute support. She may need to consume an herb like Oatstraw infusion daily for overall recovery and support, while also using a tincture of passionflower or lemon balm to wind down when she can’t fall asleep (or back asleep) at night. Supporting the new mother herbally is, in my humble opinion, the way to go. Herbs are gentle, safe, and have been used by mothers for at least the past 6,000 years.

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