Natural Postpartum Support

I have a particular love of working with women, I am a woman after all, and I relate on many levels to the unique challenges of being feminine.

I am a mother who knows both joy and grief, I have 3 lively kiddos but I lost 2 very wanted pregnancies in the process. I know exhaustion, I had to supplement my hypoactive thyroid for years to avoid feeling like a slug crawling through my life. I know hormone imbalance and the excruciating pain that comes with it as I had endometriosis in my early 20’s. I have experienced first hand the ups and downs and all arounds of being hormonal by nature and have had to do a lot of work myself to heal, recover, and correct my body into a state of balance.

Oliver and I, days postpartum, collecting sunshine.

As I walk deeper into who I am as a woman I find that I am in awe of the creation we are. Capable of participating in creation ourselves, holding the powerful ability to bring forth life, nurture it, and raise it up. We give. It is truly incredible what a woman is capable of giving. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, our limits are not easily reached.

One of the seasons many women experience that test our emotional, physical, and spiritual limits is when we are caring for or have just given birth to fresh life. The postpartum season is one that can set the stage for difficulty or goodness. Postpartum emotions run high and postpartum depression and anxiety are many new mother’s uninvited friends.

It is quite common for birth and motherhood to precipitate hormonal and emotional discord. Adrenal fatigue and hypoactive thyroid glands are common among mothers of young children. In many ways this is part of the process. The way you are physically supported through these seasons however, is largely what determines your recovery (or not).

I created an audio class and accompanying guide for postpartum mothers seeking natural relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and exhaustion that, if left unchecked, can lead down a road of not feeling like yourself for years. In this class, I go over the 5 herbs I am most likely to recommend to a postpartum mother that she can safely use to support her physical and emotional recovery while caring for a young infant.

I am so excited to offer this option for women to ease them into a new stage of life using natural solutions. I am thrilled to launch an audio class to allow for greater accessibility for everyone!

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