Solving the Stress Problem

On Monday I asked a big question. Can herbs really help with stress and anxiety? This weekend I am teaching a class about ways to use herbs for stress. In the class I will explain the 5 best herbs for anxiety and stress. If you are local, purchase tickets here: if not, I will be making a downloadable audio of this class in the near future.

The truth is herbs are uniquely suited for these 21st Century issues.

Harvesting the classic calming herb: lavender

Stress is a normal human response to life. There is no way around it, only through it. Stress is also... not really a bad thing. It is important to experience varying levels of response to our environment. We should be feeling things, the emotions, the angst, the fear, the disappointment, the joy, the relief, this is all part of being alive. Stress drives us to accomplish, to push harder, to pull back, to sit down. Our stress response is important, vital even, and not going away.

Stress becomes an issue when it stops creating a rhythm and starts being a standard response, especially when stress leaps over to a new realm… anxiety.

When your stress level is elevated for a long period of time, without space for restoration, people often become so burdened that what once was a little angst, is now chronic anxiety. Anxiety is exhausting, trust me, I know. Anxiety keeps us up, it wears us down, it takes us apart, it runs our moods, it determines our diet, it impacts our digestion and bowel behavior (hello IBS). Anxiety, in my opinion is stress response gone way to far.

Good news! We have herbs for this! Herbs are gentle, safe, and offer many additional benefits. I like to tell my consultation clients that side effects may include “better health”. It may be cheeky but I enjoy pointing out that not only do herbs, used appropriately, offer relief from the immediate problem, they offer relief from problems that aren’t as pressing, or problems you don’t know you have.... All at the same time. Now that is fancy medicine.

Join me for the class on stress herbs or look for the upcoming audio download.

Until next time, be well.



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