Thinking about Grief...

Loss. Hope. Shock. The other side. Passing. Peace. Finite. Sadness. Reconciliation.

I love some people who lost someone they love and it reminds me of the people I’ve loved and lost, and most of all the deep, bottomless sorrow that comes with loss.

Grief is so complex and we grieve many things, not only when a person leaves this side

Wild Rose (Rosa Gymnocarpa)

of life. We grieve loss of anything that we once loved. The concrete and the abstract.

As always this brought me to the plants. What plants can I give people to support this space? Herbal sedatives for shock are gentle and helpful, skullcap and passionflower come to mind. For grieving I lean towards care of the heart: hawthorn, linden, and most of all motherwort comes to mind. Above all though I hear the rose begging for attention.

Rose: spirit lifting, aromatic, representing struggle with its thorns, yet beauty and love with its flowers. Rose is often given in both love and loss. How perfect.

Dreaming of building a grief tea, any herbs you other herb lovers recommend? What plant comes to mind to you?


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